Pinkfoxx Rosé Perlé Wine (24*300ml)


Pinkfoxx Rosé Perlé Wine (24*300ml)

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Finally it is here!

The perfect accompaniment to a mid-week dinner, light lunch or just because you can.

Pinkfoxx is a new way to experience wine.  A 300ml carbonated medium bodied dry rosé, using South Africa’s own grape variety, Pinotage.

Tasting notes of soft summer red fruits (wild strawberries and raspberries), and hints of cherry. With a long sustained and voluptuous mouthfeel. The fine bubbles (created from the latest filling technology) are similar to that of an MCC.

Grab a can for a day out, a night in or simply to share amongst friends.

Enjoy chilled at 7°C – 10°C.

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